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The SoLa-SySTeM


  • 20 Watt output
  • HardWood Housing
  • AM/FM radio
  • mp3/Ipod charger
  • 1/8" jack (for mp3 and radio)
  • 1/4" jack (for audio equip/guitar)


  • Portable amplifier/boombox
  • PA system
  • outside jukebox System
  • use your illusionsThe outside housing is made of birch and sealed with a water-based polyurethane to make it water resistant. It is designed to allow personal modification and customization. The over all dimensions of this model are 36"x19"x5". The center panel swivels to allow for a directional pointing of the solar panel to maximize the angle of the sun. use your illusions The hardware consists of a low power class D amplifier paired with two 10 watt speakers for sound and a solar panel paired with a capacitor bank for power. Additional feature that we have added are a MP3 charger and a portable AM/FM Radio. use your illusionsThe design allows for multiple applications. The above diagrams two applications using a central broadcasting station to transmit audio signals to the solar powered amplifiers. This could be used as a outdoor P. A. system or as a juke box for outdoor dinning establishments. use your illusionsThe modules can be configured down to whatever size/wattage is desired for the application. This allows for a multitude of flexible design applications using the same underlining hardware.