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The SoLa-SySTeM

Design Theory

The heart of the system is based around a photovoltaic cell which is directly linked to an audio amplifier. The system uses no batteries or storage devices for the power and there is nothing to recharge or replace. It does employ a series of capacitors to smooth and average the available solar energy minimizing the effects of clouds or people momentarily passing in front of the cell.

We designed and built the Sola-System:

1. To run with power derived from its environment:

2. As a onetime purchase using no dependent economies or parts to buy:

3. With modular and simple construction that can be changed or fixed by the owner:

use your illusions1. The first principle is one of the most important, it is to create devices that can function using only the resources available in the surrounding environment. With the Sola-System there is a direct correlation between the environmental power supply and the use of that power. The auditory output of the device becomes a divining rod of energy, describing the fluctuation of energy as clouds move across the sun. This creates a tangible expectation of want from the surroundings. Why is this good? Because not only will the system provide music and power for the life span of its parts(10-20 years), it makes the user aware of the possibilities of their environment. The end result are technologies based on the individual and their resources instead of larger uncertain social structure. This will make technological advance available in the economies of the industrialized nations as well as the non centralized economies of the "developing" nations because there is not a dependence on larger social structure. use yourillusions2. The sola-system's parts were chosen in order to build a device that would be a one time buy. This means that after the original purchase the owner would not have to buy any other linked products (like batteries or adaptors) to use the speaker. This allows for much less waist economically and environmentally. The speaker system does not ever need new batteries, cords or disks, what you pay for is what you need. use your illusions 3. Through the use of simple materials and components the sola-system is completely modifiable and fixable, from its no nonsense wood housing to the speaker/amp system inside. This creates a personal investment in the object allowing for the customization and development of a psychological bond of ownership that deters one time use/throw away behavior.